Movie Monday / Trivia Edition #50

6Welcome to the April 14, 2008 edition of Movie Monday. We have some great links again this week. I’d like to congratulate Tamika for creating a fun and informative movie blog. Keep up the good work.


Tamika M. Murray presents Monday Man posted at PJSandAMovie.


Nehring presents Good News Film Reviews: Show Uwe Boll the Door Discerning Christian Movie Reviews posted at Good News Film Reviews, saying, “This is a post asking people to sign the online petition to demand Uwe Boll ceases working in the film industry”


Jean Brunet presents Flash Point – On DVD April 22, 2008 posted at

New Movie Releases

Sutocu presents Will Eldest the Movie Be Made? posted at Brisingr.


Toms presents Movie Trivia: Children of Men; Coming to a T.V. Near You posted at Kwanzoo, saying, “Author is Liz N.”


:: Suzanne :: presents The Ultimate Gift posted at :: adventures in daily living ::.

Jean Brunet presents Atonement posted at

Jean Brunet presents Tyler Perry?s Meet The Browns posted at

Alex M presents Amateur Video Blogs vs. Professional Media Bloggers posted at Videos and web TV.

Tamika M. Murray presents Freaky Friday-There Will Be Blood posted at PJSandAMovie.

Jean Brunet presents Street Kings – Patrolling In A Neighbourhood Near You posted at

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